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50, young mind trapped in MS body seeking assistant @ 75%

ASSISTANS I BALANS I SVERIGE AB - Stockholm - Publicerad: 2018-12-06 18:20:30


I live in Hammarby Sjöstad with my wife and five year old daughter. We are an English speaking household. Because of my MS, I  need assistance with almost everything around the clock.
I use several tools every day: I use power chair, manual chair, ceiling lifts and more.
Manuel wheelchair and power chair
Ceiling lifts
Etc... Need to be fluent English or Swedish speaker!

You need to have experience from this field!
You will receive training on all tools and procedures until you are proficient and feel comfortable with them.
But, despite having serious MS challenges, I still have a positive view of life. I’m Swedish-American, having lived in the US, mostly in San Francisco, for twenty years. My wife is American.
My team of five assistants come from all around the world.  They are a great group and I am now looking for one more. Are you a...

I prefer female candidates

*Native English speaker.
*Fun, easy to work with, detail oriented but at the same time being able to see the big picture.
*Adapt easily and enjoy providing outstanding service.
*Confident with technology, Apple (all devices in my home are Apple.
*Proactive and can take initiative.
*Have a sense of humor.
If so, then I look forward to hearing from you.


75 %, day, evenings, nights and weekends

 Join my great team that has been hired by Assistant i Balans. You will receive the support and training you need to be successful.
Upload your resume and cover letter.
Pay: Kollektivavtal KFO och individuell lönesättning.

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